Efficient irrigation systems are important for Las Vegas. Why?

Irrigation in Las Vegas desert

It's a desert out there!

"Perhaps the most contributing factor to our dry desert conditions is the fact that we receive very little rainfall" (NPS.GOV)

However, Las Vegas communities count on water resources of the Colorado River Basin for daily water supply. In an effort to help offset the declining reservoir elevations, the Southern Nevada Water Authority has been promoting water conservation programs which include smart irrigation systems for homes and businesses in the Las Vegas Valley. Irrigation Solutions of Las Vegas is a proud participant of the Southern Nevada Water Authority Water Smart Contractor program and an eco-friendly irrigation contractor. Together, we can keep our landscapes beautiful while conserving our precious water resources.

Water Irrigation in Las Vegas

It preserves water

The following options are helping businesses and home owners actively participate in the water conservation programs implemented in the Las Vegas valley in an effort to reduce water waste.

  • Installation of drip sprinklers and smart irrigation systems
  • Continued maintenance and checkups of the irrigation lines and emitters. Making sure that there are no leaks in the lines and that the sprinkler heads are working properly, not only helps conserving the water, but it may save your plants from dying.
  • Program the watering times to the most efficient schedule for your landscape
Saving on water irrigation costs in Las Vegas

It saves money

Imagine that you have a planter with flowers, plants or vegetables. What do you think it will be more effective: sprinklers that spray water on the planter and 5 to 10 feet around it, or a controlled irrigation system that directs the water specifically to the plants? The answer is obvious. With a smart irrigation system, you will consume only the necessary amount of water that your plants need to live and thrive. Thus, you will not be paying to water areas that don't need watering, such as pathways, rocks, etc. Additionally, periodical maintenance of the irrigation lines, checkups for leaks and damaged emitters, will ensure that no water waste occurs and no unnecessary charges are added to your water bill.

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