With years of experience in all types of irrigation systems repair and installation and a vast number of satisfied customers, we are the Leader in Irrigation Services in the entire Las Vegas valley. Irrigation Solutions of Las Vegas is licensed to do business in the cities of Las Vegas, Henderson, North Las Vegas and in all unincorporated areas of Clark County.

What we do best

We install top of the line irrigation systems and irrigation products provided by leading manufacturers in the irrigation industry, such as WilkinsToroRainBirdFebCo, etc. Irrigation system repairs are our specialty, as well as installation of new sprinkler systems for future landscaped sites. Our irrigation services range from simple sprinkler head repair or replacement, to installing new irrigation pipes, sprinklers and the electronic timers for any size areas, with multiple watering zones.

As water is the most precious resource on Earth and with the drought awareness in the Las Vegas area, our objective is to install efficient irrigation systems designed for each site's needs and with zero water wasted. The excavation for irrigation line repairs and/or installation is done in a calculated manner to maintain site cleanliness and to complete the job in a timely manner for our customers' satisfaction. Our employees will take the time to explain how each new installed irrigation system works and how to program and manage the sprinkler timer settings.

Our list of satisfied customers has increased over the years together with our experience and ability to work successfully with all types of irrigation systems. As the sprinkler and irrigation manufacturers are continuously updating their products in order to comply with the new water saving requirements and to provide better and longer lasting products, we keep current with all updates in the industry. We train our employees to effectively work with the latest products on the market. As a member of leading irrigation organizations, we continuously educate ourselves about the new products and, if necessary, we request additional training directly from manufacturers.

Emergency irrigation solutions

Irrigation Solutions of Las Vegas provides emergency services for immediate remediation of any irrigation problems. The emergency services can be scheduled by calling us at: 702-370-2828. A leak in your irrigation system may discharge thousands of gallons of wasted water that will significantly increase your monthly water bill. Such problem, if not repaired in a timely manner, may also result in your entire residence water supply to be shut-off by the Southern Nevada Water Authority and that will result in additional "turn-off/turn-on service" fees. If you notice water spots or water bubbling in your front or back yard, you should give it immediate attention. The following tips may help you determine whether the water leak is in your irrigation system or not.

Irrigation tips

1. If the leak is in your back yard, it is most likely that is an irrigation system issue.

2. If the leak is in your front yard, check the main water meter at the street to see if the dial is spinning (which indicates water is running).  If the dial on the main water meter is spinning, turn off the irrigation shut-off device (anti-siphon valve or pressure vacuum breaker) and check to see if the dial is still spinning.  If the dial has stopped, this indicates that the leak is likely in your irrigation system.  In the case that the dial continues to spin, you may have a leak in your water main and you should call a plumbing contractor.

In order to provide complete irrigation and landscaping services at competitive prices and for all our customers' needs, Irrigation Solutions of Las Vegas has associated with VIP Landscaping, a Las Vegas landscape contractor. For customers that need complete irrigation system installation, landscape design and installation, we will work with you to reach an affordable solution for your needs.

We, at Irrigation Solutions of Las Vegas, provide a limited warranty on all of our work.

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