Flushing your Irrigation System

How is it done?

Summer heat is here, it's time to FLUSH your system and rinse your filter.

Each year intense summer heat kills thousands of plants unnecessarily . Often it is simply caused by a lack of required annual maintenance. If you notice your plants looking limp this summer and turning yellow or brown while dropping leaves or foliage, it's time to rinse out the filter and check the water flow at the wilting plant.

Your first step is to open the underground irrigation box and locate the plastic filter cap. Unscrew the cap, pull out the filter and rinse under cold water until clean of all debris. Replace the filter and cap. This should be done twice per year.

Next, head over to the wilting plant or plants and locate the drip emitter. Pull the emitter from the drip line and turn on the system. Let the water run for a minute or so to flush out any debris. Now push the emitter back into the drip line and check for water flow. If no water is being delivered to the wilting plant, its time to replace the emitter head.

If you are not the do-it-yourself handy type. We are only a phone call, email or text away to complete the required maintenance to save your plants.

Don’t starve your plants, give them a sip with a long slow drip.

Planning Irrigation For Your Garden

Planning the irrigation system for your garden can be a very difficult task to accomplish. This is why you must always call for an irrigation company or simply meet some experts.

There are several aspects that you must pay attention to before planning the irrigation for your garden:


  • make sure you pair the plants so that the irrigation system can irrigate them in the same manner;


  • don’t put plants which require more water near plants that require less;


  • use filters to make sure nothing is spread around your garden, things that may damage your plants;


  • set the pressure regulator in accordance to your garden configuration.

Need more details and ideas on how to plan the irrigation for your garden? Feel free to call us at 702.370.2828 and you’ll be provided with help right away.

Irrigation System Inspection

Now It’s The Time To Have Your Irrigation System Inspected

Each year, after we have had several days of freezing weather, it is important to have your irrigation system and backflow preventer inspected and tested prior to the summer months. Inspections and repairs now can save you the possibility of spending hundreds of dollars and wasting valuable water due to broken or cracked pipes. A backflow preventer that is tested and repaired now could prevent a future replacement of the entire valve. During the heat of the upcoming summer months, your irrigation system inspection can prevent your plants from drying out or possible dying. Remember, your backflow preventer is not just a part of your landscape system, it is a required device that prevents contaminants from being siphoned into your drinking water.

It is Spring Watering Schedule

March & April

Spring watering is in effect for the months of March and April in the Las Vegas valley. Watering of plants and trees should be done as follows:

  • zones A, C and E: Monday, Wednesday, Friday
  • zones B, D and F: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday

See the watering group map below. However, if you are not sure what watering group your property belongs to, go to https://www.lvvwd.com/conservation/mandatory-watering-schedule/ and enter your address.

Las Vegas watering group map

How Much Does It Cost To Install A New Sprinkler System?

Many of us faced difficulties in finding the best quality-price ration when it came to changing the sprinkler system. The cost of a new sprinkler system may vary with the surface needed to be covered, soil conditions, materials and many other details that you can discover when finding the perfect supplier.

Based on the details provided above, the cost of a new sprinkler system is set somewhere between $3,000 – $6,000, all these prices being highly influenced by the area that needs to be covered by the sprinkler system.

Getting the most out of your landscape is important and therefore we invite you to discover our irrigation solutions provided across Las Vegas.

Garden Irrigation Tips

Water is what all your plants need, but knowing when to use the proper irrigation and how can be challenging for most of us.The volume of water needed for all your plants varies with the types of plants your garden has. Some plants are not that pretentious, while others may require heavy irrigation, especially during the hot season.Thing is that the choice between an in-ground watering system or overhead sprinklers will have huge impact on your results.At Irrigation Solutions Las Vegas, we provide you with full specific solutions for your garden so you can keep your surroundings attractive and alive.

Prepare your pipes for freezing weather and prevent expensive repairs

Each winter we receive numerous calls to repair or replace broken and frozen exterior backflow preventers, landscape irrigation pipes and vacuum breakers due to expansion and contraction of dissimilar materials caused by freezing or sub-freezing temperatures.

Some simple, do-it-yourself, protective measures may prevent a visit by your friendly and sometimes expensive technician.

  • Turn off outside faucets, disconnect your garden hose and put it in your garage
  • Cover your exterior hose bibs (outside faucets) with styrofoam covers available at your local home centers for less than $5.00. You can also cover the hose bibs with a small piece of insulation, cardboard, a towel or small blanket wrapped with duct tape, in an emergency.
  • Your landscape irrigation system has an exposed vacuum breaker in your yard. Because this device is metal and it transitions to P.V.C. plastic pipe, it must be covered during freezing temperatures.
  • Draining your irrigation lines and turning off the water source can prevent expansion and broken water pipes.
  • If your pipes freeze, thaw lines safely using hair dryers or electric lamps - never use an open flame or torch.
  • Do not open the water meter box at the curb. Opening the box could increase the chance of freezing the flowing water at the meter.

When To Change Your Irrigation Controller For The Seasons

When To Change Your Irrigation Controller For The Seasons

Irrigation Solutions of Las Vegas is here to serve our community, and one way we want to help serve is by providing little bits of information that can make a big difference with your landscaping.  By following the Southern Nevada Water Authority (SNWA) watering schedule (pictured above), you can avoid paying unwanted and unnecessary fees or dealing with violations.

Where to Find Your Watering Schedule and Days to Water

Every zip code is assigned a watering group. To locate your watering schedule, you will need to know the letter of your watering group. This can be identified by going to the SNWA water schedule website and enter your home address and zip code or you can locate it on your monthly statement. If you are not in the Las Vegas area, for example Henderson or North Las Vegas, it will direct you to those respective sites, but for those residents in the city or county of Las Vegas, enter your home address and zip code and click "Submit". The next page will display the following info:

  • Your water group (This is indicated by a letter between A-F)

  • Your approved scheduled days (Monday - Saturday). Watering on Sundays is NOT allowed for anyone, anywhere, anytime of the year in the Las Vegas Valley area.

  • Current schedule for either your sprinkler or drip irrigation system

  • View more details - Includes information on your sprinkler vs drip system, including flow rates and length of times they should be running

Know the Dates To Change Your Schedule

In this Las Vegas climate, the seasons can blend into each other and you can't wait always wait for the weather to change in order to know when to change your sprinkler system.  Below is a quick list of the start dates to change your controller for the seasons. Also, you can set these dates in your calendar as a reminder to change your controller accordingly.





September 1st through October 31st (Water for 3 days of the week only)

November 1st through February 28th (Water for 1 day of the week only)

March 1st through April 30th (Water for 3 days of the week only)

May 1st through August 31st (No watering between 11 a.m and 7 p.m.)

Lawn Repair

Timing is important

Grass thinning happen due to inadequate conditions such as too dry or too cold, no sun or too much sun, too much watering, etc. When individual grass plants die, the grass thinning occur. Golf courses in Las Vegas experience grass thinning yearly and areas of the golf course must be re-seeded periodically. The re-seeding is normally done early spring or in the fall. Seeding during very hot or very cold temperatures slows down or eliminates the germination process needed for a seed to grow into a plant and the seed may completely die. The amount of water transmitted to the seed is also important for a successful growth of the new plant. There are multiple grass types available and each has different needs regarding resistance to temperatures, sun exposure, watering, soil consistency. Make sure you follow the instructions provided when you purchase the seeds and call us if you need additional help.

Springs Preserve Gardening Workshop

Gardening Classes and Workshops for All Age Groups

Springs Preserves offers gardening classes and workshops to Las Vegas residents, discussing topics such as planting schedules and how to's, seeds and propagation techniques, creating wildlife-friendly gardens and landscapes, and other topics that can help you decide when and what to plant in your garden. There is normally a small fee for attending the classes and workshops. You can buy tickets and register for the upcoming events on the Springs Preserves website.

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