Keeping your lawn green

Lawn irrigation smart in Las Vegas

Maintain a correct irrigation system that will protect your yard

Hot weather kills beautiful green grass unless it is hydrated properly. The mandatory watering restrictions imposed by the Southern Nevada Water Authority allows sprinkler watering in the summer (May to August) any day of the week, except Sunday, and according to watering group schedule. Additionally, no watering is permitted between 11AM and 7AM during summer. The watering days are posted on water bills or they can be found on the SNWA website. That being said, it is also important not to waste water while running the sprinklers. So, adjusting sprinklers is important, as well as it is important what type of irrigation system is installed in the yard.

Be sure to properly care for your outdoor oasis by developing and maintaining a watering and irrigation system that will protect your yard even during the hot days of summer.

Materials needed for a drip irrigation system

What is drip irrigation?

Drip irrigation is an efficient watering system that works by applying water slowly and directly to the plant and soil. Drip irrigation works great on desert landscapes in Las Vegas. The water is directed to each plant, in controllable amounts, without spraying rocks and other landscaping elements that don't need watering.

Garden hose ________

Drip irrigation system: Garden hose

Drip irrigation tubing

Drip irrigation tubing

Micro Bubblers

Drip irrigation: Micro Bubblers

Back-Flow Valve

Drip irrigation: hose bib Back-Flow Valve

Tees and Wyes

drip irrigation: tees and wyes

Elbows ________

Drip irrigation Elbow

Irrigation Systems Installation and Repair

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Do I Need A Licensed Contractor?

I need irrigation work. Who should I hire?

Do you need to hire a licensed contractor for the irrigation work you need to have done? The Nevada State Contractors Board requires that contractors must have landscape licenses in the state of Nevada, if a job is $1,000 or more or if the job requires a building permit.

Irrigation or drainage systems installation and service require that the work be performed by a licensed contractor.

You can verify if the service provider is licensed and in good standing on the Nevada State Contractors Board website. Additional information related to landscaping contractors can also be found on the NSCB website at:


If you need help, we can help

Cover Your Pipes

Don't wait for the freezing temperatures

Weather started cooling and, every year, we have few days of freezing temperatures that could do a lot of damage to your exposed pipes and outside faucets. Don't wait, take action now then you don't have to worry about freezing irrigation lines or hose bibs. You can use blankets or different insulation materials, or for few bucks, you can buy the pipe insulation and Standard or Hard Faucet Covers from Home Depot. Don't forget about your backflow preventer. If it is located in your front yard, throwing a blanket over it may not look too good... So you could place a Resin Landscape Rock on top, available at the home improvement stores.


If you need help, we can help

How To Maintain A Healthy Lawn

Core aeration, spike and liquid aeration are the most common methods used on lawns nowadays. The first one, core aeration, is the most famous ones, being used for heavily compacted earth.

For treatments, spike aeration method is used as it guarantees an optimal absorption. Finally, the best method to cover the entire lawn, liquid aeration method is most common.

Aeration is one of the most important processes you must take into consideration when looking for lawn improvement as it guarantees the health of your lawn.

How To Find The Best Irrigation Company In Your Area

Are you facing problems with your irrigation system? Here are some tips on how to find the best irrigation company in your area.

First things first. Start looking for an irrigation company based on what your people tell you. Some customers are not as happy as others, so their opinion might convince you to opt for an irrigation company or another.

Decide on how much work does your problem require and ask all the irrigation companies in your area for a price offer. This way you’ll be able to make a decision also based on your budget. Either you need a sprinkle repair or any other specific service, provide the irrigation company with all the details they need in order to send you a proper offer.

Free estimates should normally be provided by all irrigation companies in your area or at least by most of the ones you’re contacting.

At Irrigation Solutions Las Vegas, we provide our customers with complete irrigation services, including irrigation system solutions, sprinkle repairs, residential irrigation solutions, commercial irrigation solutions and more, anywhere across Las Vegas.

Flushing your Irrigation System

How is it done?

Summer heat is here, it's time to FLUSH your system and rinse your filter.

Each year intense summer heat kills thousands of plants unnecessarily . Often it is simply caused by a lack of required annual maintenance. If you notice your plants looking limp this summer and turning yellow or brown while dropping leaves or foliage, it's time to rinse out the filter and check the water flow at the wilting plant.

Your first step is to open the underground irrigation box and locate the plastic filter cap. Unscrew the cap, pull out the filter and rinse under cold water until clean of all debris. Replace the filter and cap. This should be done twice per year.

Next, head over to the wilting plant or plants and locate the drip emitter. Pull the emitter from the drip line and turn on the system. Let the water run for a minute or so to flush out any debris. Now push the emitter back into the drip line and check for water flow. If no water is being delivered to the wilting plant, its time to replace the emitter head.

If you are not the do-it-yourself handy type. We are only a phone call, email or text away to complete the required maintenance to save your plants.

Don’t starve your plants, give them a sip with a long slow drip.

Planning Irrigation For Your Garden

Planning the irrigation system for your garden can be a very difficult task to accomplish. This is why you must always call for an irrigation company or simply meet some experts.

There are several aspects that you must pay attention to before planning the irrigation for your garden:





Need more details and ideas on how to plan the irrigation for your garden? Feel free to call us at 702.370.2828 and you’ll be provided with help right away.

Irrigation System Inspection

Now It’s The Time To Have Your Irrigation System Inspected

Each year, after we have had several days of freezing weather, it is important to have your irrigation system and backflow preventer inspected and tested prior to the summer months. Inspections and repairs now can save you the possibility of spending hundreds of dollars and wasting valuable water due to broken or cracked pipes. A backflow preventer that is tested and repaired now could prevent a future replacement of the entire valve. During the heat of the upcoming summer months, your irrigation system inspection can prevent your plants from drying out or possible dying. Remember, your backflow preventer is not just a part of your landscape system, it is a required device that prevents contaminants from being siphoned into your drinking water.

It is Spring Watering Schedule

March & April

Spring watering is in effect for the months of March and April in the Las Vegas valley. Watering of plants and trees should be done as follows:

  • zones A, C and E: Monday, Wednesday, Friday
  • zones B, D and F: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday

See the watering group map below. However, if you are not sure what watering group your property belongs to, go to and enter your address.

Las Vegas watering group map