March & April

Spring watering is in effect for the months of March and April in the Las Vegas valley. Watering of plants and trees should be done as follows:

  • zones A, C and E: Monday, Wednesday, Friday
  • zones B, D and F: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday

See the watering group map below. However, if you are not sure what watering group your property belongs to, go to and enter your address.

The spring water schedule is a simple way to determine how much water your plants need based on their size and stage of maturity. This formula can help you determine if you should use drip irrigation or overhead watering.

The spring water schedule is a simple way to help your plants get off to a good start. You can use this method to make sure that your plants are getting enough water at the beginning of their life cycle. This is especially helpful if you have just started growing and don't know how much water your plants need. Spring water schedule is a great way to ensure that your plants receive adequate amounts of water throughout the entire season.

Step 1: Fill a bucket with water and place it in a sunny spot outside.

Step 2: Wait until the water has warmed up to room temperature (about 70 degrees).

Step 3: Place your pots into the bucket. Make sure they are not touching each other or the sides of the bucket.

Step 4: Cover the top of the bucket with plastic wrap.

Las Vegas watering group map