When To Change Your Irrigation Controller For The Seasons

Irrigation Solutions of Las Vegas is here to serve our community, and one way we want to help serve is by providing little bits of information that can make a big difference with your landscaping.  By following the Southern Nevada Water Authority (SNWA) watering schedule (pictured above), you can avoid paying unwanted and unnecessary fees or dealing with violations.

Where to Find Your Watering Schedule and Days to Water

Every zip code is assigned a watering group. To locate your watering schedule, you will need to know the letter of your watering group. This can be identified by going to the SNWA water schedule website and enter your home address and zip code or you can locate it on your monthly statement. If you are not in the Las Vegas area, for example Henderson or North Las Vegas, it will direct you to those respective sites, but for those residents in the city or county of Las Vegas, enter your home address and zip code and click "Submit". The next page will display the following info:

  • Your water group (This is indicated by a letter between A-F)

  • Your approved scheduled days (Monday - Saturday). Watering on Sundays is NOT allowed for anyone, anywhere, anytime of the year in the Las Vegas Valley area.

  • Current schedule for either your sprinkler or drip irrigation system

  • View more details - Includes information on your sprinkler vs drip system, including flow rates and length of times they should be running

Know the Dates To Change Your Schedule

In this Las Vegas climate, the seasons can blend into each other and you can't wait always wait for the weather to change in order to know when to change your sprinkler system.  Below is a quick list of the start dates to change your controller for the seasons. Also, you can set these dates in your calendar as a reminder to change your controller accordingly.





September 1st through October 31st (Water for 3 days of the week only)

November 1st through February 28th (Water for 1 day of the week only)

March 1st through April 30th (Water for 3 days of the week only)

May 1st through August 31st (No watering between 11 a.m and 7 p.m.)